Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week has been very exciting for me as my garment was one of the nine picked to be hung on the stand, this puts me at an advantage as personally I think that is what will attract people to the stand. I am really happy that the tutors decided to take most of my work down there including my portfolio, sample pack and two garments.

On Saturday, which was the first day I received a text from a classmate telling me that somebody was interested in purchasing my garment which was so exciting for me, even if she does not end up buying it, it is still very flattering to know that people are actually interested in my outfit after looking at other universities work such as The Royal College, Westminster and Central St. Martins.

I then personally went up to Shoreditch myself to Graduate Fashion Week to man the stand, it was not very busy on the Sunday but there were a lot of shows on so sometimes floods of people, who did not really seem interested in looking at the stands afterwards, they were more interested in the alcohol on the UEL (University of East London) stand. In the afternoon I had a look around all of the stands and I was quite surprised at what I saw, there was such a random mix of stands. I felt as though there were too many portfolios and personally if I was an employer I would not sit down to look through every single portfolio, I would go by the garments that I saw. For example, there was a stand opposite us and I had seen a dress that I liked hanging up so when I went over to look at it, I immediately wanted to see their portfolio to see their thought process and design behind it. We then went to look at some more stands and I just wasn’t drawn in to them, I looked at a couple of pages in a few portfolios of each stand and got quite bored. However, there was one stand with some really interesting portfolios, one in particular was The University of Wales Newport, where they had A3 size portfolios (not what I would choose personally) but all of the pages were different sizes which I thought was really interesting and effective, I am tempted to re-print my portfolio on to different type of paper such as different types of textured paper and tracing paper to mix it up a bit, as I printed all of mine on the same printer paper all the way throughout.

I felt really disheartened after seeing all of the stands as it was apparent there is a lot of competition and I felt like I would never get a job. I hardly gave my business cards out to anyone on Sunday and I only saw one person look at my portfolio over the course of the whole day, I was really pleased for my classmates who received a lot of attention but I could not help but wonder why mine was not receiving any.

However, on a lighter note I received a phone call from my tutor on Monday telling me that a man stopped at the stand and asked to see my work personally, he works for a concession brand at Topshop called ‘de mouilpied’, so naturally I looked up their website. It looks really interesting and definitely something I would love as a career, it would be freelance design which is perfect for me as I love to work like this. After looking at their website I immediately got the impression that they had not launched their brand for long as they did not have many products and then I read the ‘about us’ page and it said they only launched in Topshop this year, which makes it even more exciting as I could build up my career whilst they build up their business. I got in touch with him straight away just to show him I was really interested, I then practically watched my mail box like a hawk waiting for a reply. The next day I felt quite disheartened because I had no reply in my mail box, but something told me to check my junk mail and there it was.

Josh Nieboer’s reply:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 14.31.53

I have looked at Josh’s Linkedin and he looks very very clever, but also very young, so like me obviously wanted to just set up his own business and I would be very happy to work for him. The products that he sells are exciting and youthful, which is the approach I am also going for in my designs. I sent him a digital copy of my CV and also my personal website. Unfortunately I do not have time to meet him this week, so I have asked him whether we can meet next week instead, his company is based in London so I am really hoping this will not be a problem – really hope!

My reply:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 14.31.58

de mouilpied website:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 14.32.08


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