Finalising my professional portfolio


This year at Graduate Fashion Week portfolios are very important as we are not allowed to take garments with us therefore our work has to be shown in detail on paper, I thought this was going to be really difficult at first but after researching in to other universities portfolios and how they work I managed to produce a professional looking piece and I feel very proud of it!

Pages for GFW stand:


From our portfolios we were asked to pick out 8 pages to adjust to put on the stand at graduate fashion week with a small icon at the bottom with an allocated number inside it, the icon had to be the same size and in the same place for everybody, the pages then had to be mounted on to a4 foam board so that they all looked the same. The images above were the ones that I chose but I had to narrow it down, in the end my tutors gave me ten foam boards as we were all indecisive about which ones to put up. I am really pleased that the tutors like my portfolio and it gives me a huge confidence boost as the portfolio is what pulled my mark down in pre-collection.

Finished portfolio, printed CV’s and business cards ready for GFW:


I feel really confident about my portfolio and I am really hoping that it will get some interested at GFW if not New Designers, I feel as though it is at a professional standard. I kept the portfolio really crisp and clean for this exact reason as I wanted it to look like a magazine/brochure and not add a lot of print and design as I did not want to draw too much attention from the main elements of the pages.

A selection of finished portfolio pages & fabric samples:








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