Fashion show at Firstsite


Image 20

I have been looking forward to the fashion show for months, it is probably one of the main reasons I actually made garments this year as I really wanted to have something visual to show my friends and family instead of just a portfolio and samples. I initially planned to make six garments but I am quite happy I only made three now as I think it draws attention away from each individual garment if you have too many. I also think it is better to keep your collection smaller but make sure that the garments that you have made are perfectly made and perfectly printed.

Overall, I think that the show went really well and there were over 300 tickets sold, which was a huge bonus for both FirstSite and ourselves. The run up to the show was really stressful and the tutors were worried we wouldn’t have enough models, however there were definitely more than last year. After the first rehearsal day I did not feel as excited about the show as I should, because everyone was bickering about the shoe colour and style which was frankly really pathetic. Everybody in the class had either sourced their own shoes or chosen the style and colour that they wanted, but there were a few people in particular who wanted everybody to buy a pair of shoes each and then everybody share, this was mainly because of budget and lack of preparation.

I got frustrated at times with the running order, as I had asked my friend to model for me and take a day off work to help me out, I was then told that she may not model my garments which angered me as I (unlike others) had made the effort to source my models and then wouldn’t be able to use them because they had been asked to model for lazy people who hadn’t prepared for the show. Eventually I asked Gill to change the running order and managed to have my friend model for me, alongside Meg and Lily who Beth kindly let me borrow from her, which then worked out well as they fit my garments perfectly.

Chris Macdonald 30

Image 27

The show itself was a huge success, and I received lovely feedback from friends, family and other peers and my mum told me that my collection ‘was very well received’ which was pleasing for me. I also found myself becoming very emotional at the end, as our degree is coming to an end and I will miss everyone on the course and it has now become reality that we are going out in the real world alone.


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