Starting my final garment


Back of bodice


Front of bodice

This garment has been really tricky because when i made the top of the bodice it stretched at the arm holes so they misshaped, Louise helped me find a way around this but it still wasn’t perfect but it didn’t matter too much as it didn’t really show when the garment was on. I really enjoyed making this garment as i’ve never made culottes before so it was a challenge for me. The top I found really difficult as it kept stretching but I wasn’t giving up on the shape of it because I really liked it, and it was unusual.

The whole garment is definitely something that I would wear, both shape and print and I think it is clear that my taste has shown throughout my collection, it is definitely aimed for women between 20-30 years of age because it is youthful and elegant but also shows areas of the flesh that may make some people feel uncomfortable.

The only thing that I would change about this garment is the scale of the print, I think it’s quite hard to tell how big the print is on a computer screen therefore it came back from the Silk Bureau a lot larger than I expected, however sometimes this is a good thing as it shows more detail in the print. Another problem I had with this print was that there must have been a blue ink mark on my drawing but it has come out in random areas of the print on the bodice, it’s only tiny but because I know it is there I notice it more. Overall, I’m really happy with this garment and my whole collection, I never thought that I actually had the ability to make such beautiful creations!




Garment on the stand




View of culottes


Second Garment



The toile was interesting to make as I had no idea where to begin! Louise helped me start the toile and pattern and we discussed fastenings and decided on a crossed back strap which I think will look really pretty once it’s done as it will be backless and have a low front so a lot of skin will be on show! Im hoping that it will go to plan unlike my first dress!

Garment pinned to the stand:

IMG_3323  IMG_3327

I’m in love with the prints and fabric choices for this dress, especially the skirt of the dress which I chose Satin Chiffon for, it really compliments the prints which is like marble/petrol so all of the colours and swirls in the pattern shimmer in the light. The fabric is slightly transparent but not much which is slightly annoying because I wanted it sheer. My initial fabric choice for the skirt was Georgette but I knew that a shiny surface would be better suited for the pattern. On the stand the dress looks maxi however, i’m making it shorter which i’m not sure if i’ll regret as it seems like such a waste of such a beautiful fabric.

When I received the fabrics back from the Silk Bureau I was unsure if they would go together or if they would clash. Obviously I had trialled them on Photoshop but it’s difficult to tell from images to the real thing. However, after putting them together on the stand they clash slightly pattern wise but in a nice way. I am happy to say I chose the perfect suited patterns!

Finished Garment:

IMG_0004 IMG_0003

Crossed back, deep V neckline, circular skirt, baby overlocked hem.


IMG_0008 IMG_0010

The second garment is finally finished and I am so happy with it! This is probably my favourite garment, as it is very suited to my taste and I am already planning to wear it to my graduation. This garment would have been really easy to make if it wasn’t very fiddly therefore I think if it was a different fabric it would be a lot easier and quicker to make. However, because the skirt is so light I had to let it drop over night before cutting it level, otherwise it would just carry on dropping and become uneven. I am so pleased that I chose to baby overlock the edge of the hem because it would have been difficult to hem the dress like I did with my previous one as the fabric is so light and delicate, it also gave the dress some structure as it stiffened the edge of the hem.

Harness Success!

Initial Ideas:


So initially I created the Harness Bra for my final collection to accessorise my first garment as it was a low cut V-neck dress. When I put a picture of my garment with the Harness Bra underneath it received a lot of attention with people telling me that I should sell the bras and that they were interested in purchasing one. This set me back a little as I never thought people would want to buy my stuff but it was actually a massive confidence boost. At first I was really reluctant to sell them as I thought that it would interfere with my work and time scale at uni so I left it. However, people kept asking if I was going to start making them so eventually I gave in and mate a few for my friends, they then started to get more and more popular and I was receiving emails and private messages on Facebook and Twitter from friends of friends asking me to make them one. I then set up an instagram and depot account and starting selling them properly. It became so successful that I was able to quit my current job at Patisserie Valerie because I was able to live off the income. I am pleased with this outcome because I have learned so much about making intimates such as these, however these will not be popular forever so I will have to move on from this and create more products that people will get excited about.

Advertising my own products through Instagram & Facebook:Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 21.13.06 Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 21.15.01

Job Offers: 

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 21.44.33

A couple of small outlets have seen my products on instagram and have asked me if they could sell my products. I am delighted to have been noticed as these companies (especially the one above) have such a large client base and their own websites. I have agreed to do a trial with Fashion Prescription and am due to start sending them my products within the next few weeks which is exciting. They have also agreed to let me still sell my products on the side. The only worry I had with that company is that my cheapest products are sold between £12-15 and they then add £15 on top for their own profit which I think will make the products unsellable. I am really excited about this and am looking forward to seeing my products on some one else’s website and Instagram, at least this will give me a sturdy income until I finish uni and can find a job.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 21.44.44

American Customers:

11009_1430535373926899_4311304627489881947_n 11147021_1430535387260231_8641386856606645334_n

On my depop I received some messages from two people who live in America – my designs have gone international! It’s amazing what social media can do! I have sent a parcel to Malta and one to America already, I’m really pleased with the progress that I have made over the past two months from something which started as an accessory for my final collection to my own little business!

David Lam Photoshoot

Make Up : MUA

Hair : Holly-Louise Carr

Model : Megan CaneyIMG_2567

I decided that I wanted Megan’s hair up for the shoot as it draws more attention to the dress, as the garment has so much going on I really wanted even the small details to be visible – plus Megan is so pretty it would be a shame to cover her face with a load of hair!

The make up was inspired by pictures of instagram and typing random words in to the search bar. Initially I wanted smokey eyes and animal print lips but when I saw the gold brows and ombre lips, my decision completely changed. The make up artists were amazing and so helpful on making my decision and I was so pleased with the outcome. It looked amazing and fitted in well with the colours of my dress, I think if i’d chosen my first idea for make up – like hair – it would have drawn attention away from the dress.



Final image on David Lam’s camera screen:IMG_2575

I was already really excited about my image when I saw this on his screen and I knew that he would make it look amazing once it was edited! I love the way that the shadow widens as it gets further away from the model and how the light comes through the fabric and shows her legs through it. However, if I could change anything about the shoot it would definitely be the bra. The initial bra that I designed I had sold and didn’t have time to make another so I think for my shoot on the 30th April with Deimante I will make sure I have a caged harness bra and some nipple tape!

Me & Megan after the shoot!IMG_2580

Final Image:

09 Rachel Hughes

My final image is amazing, I knew that it would be beautiful but I didn’t know it would be this amazing! The only thing that annoys me about the image is the line on the wall behind Megan, however I think if this wasn’t there the image would look to crisp and almost fake so it brings a sense of realism to the image. The way that David has edited the image is beautiful, very subtle and not too air brushed but air brushed enough to give the image a soft glow. I am so pleased with the image as at first I was worried because the students from the previous year did not like their David Lam image but I actually don’t think any of my classmates are unhappy with theirs – I’m certainly not!