Designing flats….

I’ve finally created some rough flat designs with my patterns dropped in and i absolutely love them! At first i wasn’t sure if they would work together as a collection but they most definitely do. I think that I have managed to keep the animal skin and culture theme very clear throughout my designs and I personally believe that I’ve worked the colours well together. I’m looking forward to making a final line up with these making sure i have a variety of different tops and bottoms of the garments to create a contrasting mix, i also want to try and keep two garments white, two garments black and two garments in that copper/yellow colour so that it is balanced and works together. I have designed 25 garments in flat designs which I have to pick 6 finals from, these ones below will probably be 3 of my final garments but I will choose one from each line up.

1: Cullottes in sheer fabric with high waisted knickers underneath & high neck relaxed fit top:

5 2

Low cut v-neck top with long sleeves & sheer maxi skirt:

5 4

Low cut v-neck strappy cami top with short skirt (just above knee) in sheer fabric:5 5


Balmain Garment inspiration…

00010h_262x393 screen-shot-2014-09-27-at-5-21-58-pm TAMI-BALMAIN-SS15

I was largely inspired by Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 for my collection of garments as I am really enjoying the deep V neckline, i also like the contrast of the opaque material and the sheer material of the dresses and the fact that you can see the shorts/hot pants underneath. This has become a huge trend this year and I have seen a lot of high street and online stores selling sheer trousers/maxi skirts without a shorter/opaque skirt beneath. I really like this look and I have also looked at dresses on For Love and Lemons

FLL.Spring15.Linesheet.26958_1024x1024 Shot_16-1376_1024x1024 Shot_16-1403_1024x1024

I want to create something contemporary but keep it versatile however, i realised after researching into this what market I would aim it at, and it is definitely aimed more towards the younger generation as older women are usually more modest and like to cover up therefore I doubt a see through dress would be their first choice for an outfit. I really love the bra worn underneath the dress which gives me some good ideas on how to accessorise my garments. I am definitely more drawn to the Balmain collection because I think it would be better suited to all ages which is what I am aiming for.

Dissertation Defeat!

I feel a huge sense of relief today after submitting my dissertation. It’s taken up a lot of my time over the last few months and i feel as though i worked really hard on it. A lot of people in my class gave up with it and said that it wasn’t worth the time that they were putting in to it as it was using valuable time for their studio module but i believe that you should put that same amount of effort in to all of the modules, especially this year as it will bunk up your grade that little bit more!

I have actually learned so much from writing it and i feel as though social media is one of the best ways to promote a new business – and it’s free! This has made me think a lot into starting up my own business to sell small things on the side to make a bit more money for myself! I feel quite confident that i have done well in my dissertation and 28 days seems like such a long time to wait for my results! I’m looking forward to receiving them though and seeing my feedback

– nervous!

Digital Designing…

It’s been a productive day as i’ve finally managed to produce some large scale (70x100cm) length designs! I wanted to make them large scale so that i could make them bigger and the image wouldn’t distort. I made these designs with only two of my initial mark making designs, it’s interesting how many different designs you can make out of a couple of images! I just adjusted the colour, placement, layering and filters to get these outcomes but they all look completely different!

I’m really pleased that i have made some pattern designs and i feel really on top of things at the moment as my designs are done and i’ve drawn my flats up, i now just need to drop these designs in to my flats so that i can make a final line up of my designs and start making my outfits! My aim is to make 6 outfits using my length designs (this isn’t all of them – just favourites!) but i want to make at least one by the 31st of March ready in time for the David Lam photoshoot!

Small repeat pattern layered over print created in photoshop, then adjusted filters and layering options to create this design:

length 40length 28

Fur pattern created using small repeat pattern repeated and manipulated in photoshop & played with colour and layering:

length 35length geo6

Snake Print designs using textured paper and black poster paint, then scanned in to photoshop & repeated.

snake 8snake 15

Pre-Collection Results…

Feedback on your work in relation to the Learning outcomes: You have clearly been able to identify a specific customer for your designs & applied logical thinking to the development of a very coherent collection that exploits your specific design skills well. The collection of ideas have been through a good amount of analysis which has been recorded well through logical & relevant annotation which documents your very organised working method. The collection is logically constructed following a rigorous & relevant working method which has been well informed by your industry placement. The designs have been well selected & substantiated through visualisations at an appropriate market level You have done a good amount of presentation & portfolio research & your portfolio is hugely improved however this area still needs some work.

Actions to improve your work: You must try to make sure that you have a variety of outcomes that explore scale, colour & distribution of print. Your samples in the main are concerned with the same scale, distribution of print & amount of colours. Larger samples may help you with this. Try not to become too heavily reliant on the computer, you have some great hand printing & drawing skills which would work well on their own without any digital manipulation. Your portfolio & presentation ideas need some work – its needs to be comparable & be able to compete with portfolios nationally – be careful of too much styling with found objects & decorative backgrounds. You want people to make their own mind up about the work not to be influenced by your personal taste. Overall all the extra things detract from the quality of the work.

Overall I am really pleased with my feedback as the tutors told us it would be harsh but i didn’t feel that hard done by when i read this, although a lot of constructive criticism its nothing that i can’t fix in the next semester.
The only thing i was a little disappointed with was the fact that they didn’t think my portfolio was strong enough. My portfolio was one of the things that i was most pleased with in the last semester because i’d put a lot of time and effort in to it and i thought that it had vastly improved since last year. However, i think next semester i’m going to use illustrator to make my flat designs and take away and decorative patterns so that the page background is plain white and the imagery is central. I also want to add some swatches in to my portfolio so that the observer can feel the fabrics and imagine what the collection would look like as a whole. My main inspiration will be from Westminster university as their page layouts are exactly how i imagine mine to be therefore i have followed their pinterest page and got some ideas from there.
Portfolio page from Westminster 


PDP: Professional Development Plan 60% report and blog.

This includes a 2,000 word type written plan containing: an outline ambition of third year study, your intended long term career pathway, evidence of critical analysis of the research for FMP, an indicative bibliography (books, websites, images etc.), and a summary of how social networking has been implemented.

A promotion pack must be included.

The studio brief for the final major project plays a huge part in the 2,000 word report as pdp is primarily based on your intentions and thoughts during your final year and after graduation.


– Outline ambition for third year study – what you want to achieve this year

– Reflect on what you’ve achieved

– initial thoughts and ambitions : what has changed? how has it developed?

– start of year : write a report of what you plan to achieve throughout the year

– end of year : write another report of what you have actually achieved throughout the year

– whole report is 2,000 words – PROGRESSIVE report : what you say at the beginning will hopefully not be the same as what you say at the end (shows development)

– final career pathway? How will you get to what you want to do?

– include: what you are going to research, indicative (indicator/sign to tutor that at the beginning of the course you knew where to look) bibliography, social networking implements – how will you get yourself out there?


I am beginning to lose hope with this project! It’s like i’ve hit a dead end… I just feel as though nothing is sinking in… I think that not making the final three in the Paul Smith competition has definitely been a massive set back for me. I’m hoping that my pre-collection results will give the boost that i desperately need right now.
It’s irritating because i know that i have the ability to do well i just can’t set my mind to it right now. My biggest worry is that i’ll leave things too late and keep putting them off and fall behind. I’m just glad it’s at the start of the project!
Aim for this week: GET MOTIVATED!