Improving my portfolio…

Portfolio’s are a very important piece of criteria needed for a career, especially in the fashion industry. Employers want to see a visual body of work which is up to a very high standard. I only discovered what a portfolio was last year, obviously i knew what a portfolio was but i was unsure of the standard that it had to be. When i look back on my portfolio from last year i can understand why our tutors have advised us to improve them and research other portfolios for inspiration.

After i done some research i created some boards with all of my favourite ideas on them to narrow it down. I actually really enjoyed researching for my portfolio. Although it seems like it would be a really tedious thing to research I liked discovering new ideas and imagining them to how i would create them to my own personal taste. I’m actually really excited to start my portfolio now that i have a starting point.

Mood Board Favourite Portfolio Ideas 2Mood Board Favourite Portfolio Ideas

Original photographs of page template:

IMG_7931  IMG_7998

Page templates edited in photoshop:

Portfolio page template 2  Portfolio page template 3

FAD portfolio pages using new page templates: 

FAD portfolio 1 FAD portfolio 2

FAD portfolio 3


New MacBook!

I have finally bought myself a MacBook!

I have been chasing Mac Man Mike for almost a year and a half now and kept hearing nothing back, so i decided to go off in my own direction and just buy it. As i have now entered the third year, photoshop will be a crucial part of my degree especially as i plan to focus a lot on digital printing and i will need photoshop to work out measurements etc. for sending my prints off to the digital printing company.

Not only do i have the benefit of the Adobe suite but i also have the freedom to do it in my own time, whether it’s in bed, in a cafe, at a friends instead of having to manage my time around the open access for the Mac suites. I figured that even though i have spent a lot of money on my MacBook and had to sacrifice buying other things to pay for it, it is something which will be useful to me for the rest of my degree and future career! Everything will be so much easier now and hopefully i will teach myself and improve my skills on photoshop as i will now be able to explore it in my own time.

I can’t wait to start using it!

– feeling happy.

FAD finishing touches…


Overall I feel moderately pleased with the outcome of this project, although very different to my initial ideas. If i could go back and change my ideas then i would add more colour and more drawings of fractals in which i could create a repeat pattern. I feel as though this project was quite boring and very different to the designs that i usually produce, i’m really pleased that we were able to do this three week project as i would have decided to use these ideas and techniques for my final collection. I have now realised that this different way of working really isn’t for me and it doesn’t come naturally, not because i can’t draw but because i had no idea what to do with them as a design which is where i found myself struggling. This project has enabled me to realise my true talents which is mark making not intricate drawings.


Sue Bailey: Writing a powerful and effective CV

Sue Bailey came in to our session today to talk to us about writing a successful CV. In honesty i’ve never really been interested in a CV it’s just been something that i’ve had to write to get a job, i usually find templates online and use the personal statement as a template. However, the session today was useful as she gave us tips on how to put a CV together, how many pages it should be, the font size etc.


Sue also told us that employers usually do a 7 second scan over the whole CV and usually look at your personal statement, 20 seconds if they want to see more, and if they like what they see during that short period of time then they will keep your CV on file. I never thought a personal statement was that important but apparently it is! I have realised that I need to make my CV reasonably short and interesting so that the person reading it isn’t bored and wants to read more about me to employ me. Sue left her email account with us which will be useful so I can email her my CV to check over, I already have a basic CV which I made last year, so with a few adjustments and constructive criticism it will be perfect!


  • CV: 7 second scan, 20 second scan
  • make more than 1 CV
  • less is more, but less needs to be really good
  • font size: 12 (11 is pushing it!)
  • 2 pages maximum

I feel as though there is a lot of theory work to take in this year with our dissertations, forms to fill in, PDP and also CV’s but thats what being a third year degree student is all about! Pressure!

Synopsis and Dissertation writing…

Gill gave us a broader understanding of writing our dissertations today and we were told we should make a plan, it was actually a really good idea to plan out how many chapters there would be and the amount of words for each chapter, the introduction and the conclusion. It makes sense that it would make it easier to start writing.

Notes from session:

  • Achedemically written? Descriptively written?
  • Third person
  • Harvard reference
  • Structure of writing – chapters lead on to one another
  • How many chapters?
  • comparisons
  • reference list: sources actually used
  • Bibliography: all sources even if not used
  • Appendix: supplementary research – interviews
  • E.g. intro:500 words, conclusion:500 words, leaves 5,000 words for rest of dissertation

I only took a few notes in class because I didn’t want to confuse myself too much, they helped a lot when planning my synopsis and dissertation. I was confused at first as to what a synopsis was so I asked my tutor as I have got it wrong in the past two years. She said it’s the ‘why, how and what?’ which until she elaborated on this I was very confused, however i now have a good understanding of what it is.

Synopsis plan:

  • THIRD person
  • 250 words: what is your chosen subject?
  • 250 words: why you have chosen your subject
  • 250 words: how will you deal with it?
  • 250 words: what will you cover throughout your dissertation?
  • Bibliography MUST be harvard!

Now i have a plan i feel quite confident to start i just need to start writing something, i began a synopsis before this session but i realised that i was writing it wrong and it turns out i’ve actually come up with an introduction to my essay! Happy days!

Dissertation plan:

  • 500 words: introduction
  • Chapter 1 (1000 words): standardalisation of size (UK, EU, US) average size?
  • Chapter 2 (1000 words): pressure of size throughout the media
  • Chapter 3 (1000 words): pressure of size and image throughout social networking
  • Chapter 4 (1000 words): own opinions, what you see every day on own social networking accounts, how i feel personally – am i pressured?
  • Chapter 5 (1000 words): compare all 3 points: are people more pressured now? rewind 20 yrs – technology? what was it like before social networking?
  • 500 words: conclusion
  • Bibliography: all references + visits
  • Reference list: directly cited sources
  • Appendix: Questionnaires + surveys (primary research)

I feel fairly confident about writing my dissertation now that i have made a plan and made a start, i have already written half of my synopsis which is due on 4th nov and have been sourcing books and websites in my bibliography and referencing as i have been researching. I would quite like to submit 500 words of my dissertation too so that it can be checked, over the months until the dissertation is due i’d also like to get it checked regularly so that i can get the best mark possible for me. I feel really passionate about my chosen subject for the dissertation and feel that it strongly relates to me because i really care about my image, i’m almost obsessed with my size and fitness so I think I will find it a lot easier than i think once i start.

Planning our Portfolio’s

So on our last lesson we were told to go away and research for portfolio inspiration and find ideas for our own in a more professional way. I actually thought my portfolio looked quite good last year so I was confused as to why we were asked this. As soon as I got home i went on to pinterest to find images of portfolios by other students and I must admit i was very impressed by them and realised that mine definitely wasnt of this standard.

fashion illustration portfolio 1

I was more focused on the layout and the illustrations used in the portfolios because thats where I believe that I struggle the most, these two were my favourite because they were so simple yet strong. I am planning to focus on combined textiles and construction next year so keeping my construction designs reasonably basic and my textiles as normal, i think it will be a challenge but i’m looking forward to giving myself the opportunity to do both.

I also had a look at most popular professional fonts on the internet and these were the ones which caught my eye the most: Trebuchet MS, Franklin Gothic, Univers STD, Interstate, Trade Gothic and Kepler STD so i’ll experiment with them and see which ones look best in my portfolio as I really want my portfolio to be at the best standard that it can be so that I have something strong to show companies when I finish my degree. Exciting.

Illustration Workshop

The illustration workshop was really useful today, although at first I was very reluctant to take part as I didn’t really feel I needed to. However, I learned a completely new way of working and illustrating designs. The first technique was left hand line drawing, i remember doing these in foundation and they actually make me feel quite degraded, like i’m drawing like a child. I really hated the outcome at first but once i’d drawn the same image 4 or 5 times it started to make sense and actually look quite effective. My favourite way of working was definitely tracing the image and photocopying a traced line drawing over the top as i prefer graphic images.

(image of photocopy sketch)

I then started to work on my own and try out this technique again with a different image, the hands turned out to be really successful so i photocopied it and placed it on a piece of paper with a blank space on the body for my own design. I have decided to use this image for my final illustrations for FAD, and i will definitely be using this technique for illustration for my FMP!

(image of final illustration)