Presentation Feedback

After speaking with Gill it is clear that this is an area which i really struggle with, i already knew that my presentation didn’t go as well as i’d planned even after working on it for two weeks, this was because i didn’t understand the question which was set in the brief, however i never seem to understand the wording in any of the briefs because the language that is selected is too intellectual for me.

I took down these notes after I spoke with Gill and they have proven to be really helpful, I am actually quite looking forward to planning it!

  • Alison Bancroft
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Roland Barthes
  • Research and debate
  • Emotional content
  • I am always a victim of the fashion industry
  • Follow fashion (can afford to)
  • Case study – someone who has fallen from grace
  • Kate Middleton – Royal Tour
  • At home alone but looking at what everyone else is doing, should you be out socialising rather than be sharing with everybody else?
  • Social networking – promoting fashion
  • Phone is becoming a comfort blanket
  • Think about something that is current, dont need theory but still need some sort of theory behind it
  • research; critically analyse, synthesise and evaluate the contextual, historical, social and intellectual debate

These were all points that me and Gill made about myself, I really think that I should push the subject of my current essay even further and start writing about my own personal philosophy about fashion & clothing  and why it’s really important to me, I am a victim of fashion and always find myself shopping, some people say I have an addiction which is probably true as I seem to buy something new every week. I’d say that I was more of a hoarder, I can never get rid of anything because at the back of my mind im always thinking ‘it will come back in to fashion’.


Dissertation Introduction

Today I attended a lecture about the third year dissertations and I must admit that it wasn’t the most thrilling of lectures after just handing in a 3,000 word essay however we were given some really useful information. The lecture has really made me think that I need to start preparing for my dissertation as it is due in the early months of 2015 which actually doesn’t give me much time and I also don’t want it to affect my overall degree. Over the Easter ‘break’ I focused very hard on my essay however I only really gave it a lot of thought over a total of about 5 weeks, and I know that i’ll need a lot more time than that to plan for my dissertation, after talking to Tahmida in the third year I was certain that i’d have to start planning soon as the second year is almost over and then we are off for four months, she said that I should really focus on it over the summer so that I will allow myself enough time to focus on other things during term time such as my Final Collection. Her advice was really helpful and im going to aim to follow it so that everything becomes easier for me and I can keep everything up to date without feeling stressed, which is something that I have managed to achieve this year, so why give up now?

Notes from the lecture:

Introduction to writing your dissertation:

  • How you understand: explaining concepts and ideas, making them concrete.
  • writing is an important part of self expression and how written and contextual studies are primarily assessed
  • it is an argument and you should write with a purpose. It’s not about writing about what you know about particular subjects
  • the title should always pose a problem that the dissertation is going to solve
  • Introduction (10%): needs to explain the purpose and function of the dissertation to the reader, needs to include a basic background of the research for the argument that you are making and the reader needs to understand the framework
  • E.g. Andy Warhol (subject) you research postmodernism
  • Structure: be attentive, each paragraph should deal with a new aspect of the overall subject and should be in a meaningful sequence that leads to a conclusion
  • the reader needs to be able to follow the direction that the argument is taken easily
  • you need to explain what you are saying and why you are saying it, what is it’s point?
  • Any research needs to be explained, justified and backed up with supporting evidence and opinions
  • Conclusion (10%): Pulls all of the argument together
  • show how the dissertation answers the question that was originially set throughout your conclusion

Important points to remember:

  • 30 Credits
  • 2 copies, one hard bound copy and one online submission
  • Front cover sheet
  • Harvard referencing
  • Bibliography
  • Reference list
  • Page numbers
  • Contents page
  • Double spacing, 12pt Font: Times New Roman or Arial

I have come away from this lesson feeling confident that I know how to write my dissertation, the only problem now is what to write about? Although a lot of the points that were made today were fairly obvious it was good to boost my brain with literal tips as although I have written essays since A-level I haven’t had a taught lesson since then. I am going to start making notes for my dissertation and begin trying to write it over the Summer break.

Ideas for Textile Interiors for Greyfriars

Over the holidays I didn’t really give this project much thought as I’ve been focusing on my essay, however it was actually quite an advantage to walk in to class today with a blank canvas! I was really hoping that I would be able to be in a group with just Sophie, as we get on really well and we work really well as a team so I knew from the beginning that being in a group of just the two of us would be really easy.

We started off looking through Elle magazines for inspiration of cushions, throws, rugs etc. and found some interesting sources. We picked out a few images to get us started and chose a colour way using deep, rich colours such as emerald greens, maroon reds, and dark tones of purples and yellows in which we could present to our tutors as a rough idea. When we had a discussion with Will and Val we decided to use ‘The Gentleman’s Club’ as inspiration (not that sort of gentlemans club!) and instead of working alone, decided to collaborate both mine and Sophie’s ideas together… with her fine drawings and my rough mark making we could produce something really interesting. This made me really excited to start as it was already coming together!



Picture6 Picture7 Picture8


I made a plan of action of things to do for this project over the week ready for the next session so that we could just get started, I really want to send off some designs for digital printing as it’s something that I am really interested in for the Third year and I want to know how it all works, as the digital printing is a 10 day turn around I really need to get cracking with ideas as we haven’t got much time for this project.


  • Buy a marbling kit
  • Research ‘the gentleman’s club’
  • Missoni, Pernille Snedker Hansen
  • Texture: Velvet, Satin, Flock & Foil, Lace
  • Stencils/Laser Cut/Etching
  • Mark Making, Marbling, Pattern, Repeat
  • Pattern within pattern
  • Image inspiration from the architecture of Greyfriars itself and also the gentlemans club
  • Textured surface: floors, wood etc.

Picture2 Picture3

I am going to research thoroughly all of these points above and make sure that I have a clear idea of what i’m going to be doing next week, it has become clear to me that this project is very short and I will need to be able to complete a lot of tasks over the next four weeks to enable me to be able to produce something fantastic. I am hoping to be able to complete all of my initial research and start designing by next tuesday so that i can get some designs on to photoshop to send off to the digital printers, I want to send my designs off early so that it will give me enough time to add other processes such as foil/flock on to the digitally printed fabric. I feel confident about this project and it seems as though my tutors are too which has given me the boost that I needed after the last project, this is different to what i usually do so it will be really interesting however I feel more in my comfort zone creating fabrics for interiors rather than creating an installation which actually felt like arts and crafts.

Action plan over the Easter break!

The Easter break isn’t only about relaxing as i feel as though i still have so much work to do and this is my opportunity to catch up before recieving more work as at the moment everything is at a standstill. I’d like to put the previous project to bed so that i am ready to start my new one without any old work hanging over my head therefore I will need to put together a schedule so that i am doing some work every day as i have put so much effort in to all of my work throughout the whole of the second year so i feel as though i should carry on over the ‘holiday’.

My aims for over the Easter break:

  • write a draft of my essay and send it to Gill for feedback
  • complete a 3,000 word essay and submit it online before Thursday 24th April
  • Fully update my blog so that I am ready to write new ones in the new term
  • Do some research for my construction project & new Greyfriars project
  • Annotate all files & sketchbook

Essay Planning…

Today I began writing my essay and I realised that I have changed my ideas a lot from the intial intention in my synopsis, after reading my synopsis over and over again I still didn’t really feel a connection with what I was going to be writing about, and to me that is important, because without understanding and connecting with your written piece it only becomes a piece of writing rather than something personal. The main reason for my changes was mainly because I felt as though the male gaze related to me more and I was able to create a personal philosophy from it, however even though I feel as though I could write thousands of words about this subject and my own views on it I need to support these views with evidence from theorists and designers.

I have felt quite stuck with this essay for weeks and now it’s time to write it I just need to get going, once I start getting stuck in to it I probably wont be able to peel myself away, but I do need to be careful that I don’t babble on and go off subject. I still don’t really understand the essay brief fully but i’m going to give it a go, I know that we need to choose a subject that we are interested in to write about, which should be influenced by the lectures, include how it relates to our own way of working and create a personal philosophy from it. I’m quite good with writing although haven’t had a lesson on essay writing since A-level and i know that theory work is my downfall throughout my degree and i was disheartened when it pulled my grades down dramatically last year so I really want to try harder with this one and try to get a better grade, and at least I will know that I tried really hard.

OMCI presentation

Weeks of planning was put in to this presentation and i felt fairly confident about it. However, i would have preferred to have been in the previous group for the PDP presentation which took place the week before as it would have given me more time to practice this one. This presentation was important to me as i would have liked to have won, not only for the money but also for pride, as i’ve never really won anything before so i was excited when they announced it. I also believe that having my own work in a hotel and on show to the public would have been an honour and would also look good on my CV.


I felt as though i could have done a lot better on the presentation but because we done it in groups i was distracted by the other two members as they went first and lost focus on my own. I wrote notes and record cards but got so overwhelmed that i forgot to follow them, which is something that i really need to improve for the next presentation to OMCI in May.

The results were read out in class and i was slightly disapointed that i didn’t win as i put a lot of my time and effort in to my final outcome, however the people who did really deserved it. I also know that i didn’t work this hard for nothing as i am aiming for another first this semester so i will win my own competition which i’ve set myself, i am also happy that we get a second chance to show OMCI more of our work, i think my design was too bold and contemporary and they were looking for something more dated and intricate that fitted in better with the hotel’s surroundings and arcitechture as they seemed to be the designs that won therefore i will aim to produce something more suitable for this.