Presentations on our Scarves at the Minories

Today was the day that I have been dreading… Presentation day.

I hate presentations, although in social situations I am a very loud and confident person, I have never been good at talking to an audience, strange isn’t it? I figured that maybe it’s something to do with being plonked in front of a group of people and being forced to speak about my work, or maybe slight embarrassment of my own work? What are they all thinking? Do they like my work? Do they think it’s hideous? I just don’t know.

All day I was nervous, and guess who went last? Me, obviously.

After a day of clammy hands and stomach churning, it wasn’t all that bad. It was weird to think that even though I see and talk to these people every day I was still nervous to present something to them that they had seen develop over the whole semester. I recieved nice feedback from my peers, both classmates and tutors and for once I actually felt proud of my work. It felt good when I could hear people whispering to others saying how nice some of my samples were as I actually felt as though I really deserved it because I had worked so hard for this whole project and i felt that overall this presentation went well, and it lasted 8 minutes, success!


Choosing my Final Samples


I looked through my sketchbook to choose my final samples when i realised that i didn’t actually have many that i really liked, although i have a vast amount of work in my portfolio i couldnt find much that i wanted to mount on to my final boards. I struggled especially with fabric samples as they weren’t my favourite samples if i’m honest, although they were nice they weren’t what i wanted to produce from the beginning, they were more of a fill-in of the real thing.

I have always been interested in digital printing because i am good at creating imagery for a digital use, therefore i have decided to use paper samples as my final collection to show what my intention really was but how i had to improvise with what i had. Me and my tutor went through all of my paper samples which i already made including my initial ones (one in which is my favourite) and my final ideas, we picked out seven but then decided that it would be nice to see some more which are a little more simple, maybe a little less colour and focus on maybe two types of mark making instead of 7 or 8.

This made me really excited as we started talking about using just quink ink and bleach with a little bit of foil, pink and bleach with flock, and simply just black with coloured foil over the top in my chevron design. I started straight away, i was really enjoying everything i was creating because i felt as though i was back in my comfort zone working on paper and everything turning out the way i wanted it to, even though you can never tell how the bleach and ink will react you have a slight idea, and it always looks amazing anyway.


These are the start of some of my final samples, i have also done two plain black ones and am planning to make some pink and turquoise ones. These remind me of flames, the way the bleach turned a cream/orange on the page and the way it bled upwards. i tried working on a completely black background and then tried painting in strips so the bleach didn’t go over the black, they were both nice techniques and great outcomes but i think i prefer the bleach on the lighter background and then working into a gradient over the black and bleeding into it, the top middle is definitely my favourite, although theres a lot going on i think it’s beautiful however i do need to steer myself away from doing too much and work with less pattern.

Just a little photoshoot…


This scarf has proven so difficult over the past few weeks, i started it before christmas and only finished it this week and the whole time i was making it, nothing has seemed to go right. I have corrected so much on this scarf which weren’t even mistakes, even though i had experimented so much before hand and knew what would work and what wouldn’t the scarf still felt like one big experiment. In a way it kind of was though, because i really despise working in large scale, as i’ve always worked on small scale, but to me this project was really interesting and educational because i have learnt that working on a large scale isn’t my strong point but i can work on that to make it better.

I would like to learnt how to do repeat print properly as i think thats the best process for a large scale piece, and maybe when i get a placement i will be able to have the opportunity to watch in on printing or maybe even help with it as this will give me a huge insight into how i can improve my own work.


We were asked to do a small photoshoot with a basic background and accessories, therefore i just done mine against a white wall with Sophie who wore all black and pale make up to draw attention away from her and to draw focus on to the scarf itself. I am pleased with the overall outcome, especially after adding flock and foil to my scarf and it was a disaster before, i just said to myself that i had nothing to lose as i wasn’t happy with it anyway so it could only get better.

I prefer it when it hangs, or is slightly crumpled up because you focus on parts of the scarf and i think that looking at it up close it really is a beautiful garment. I am now looking forward to working on my portfolio as it will be like making my own little magazine of my work – it will be amazing.

IMG_2476 IMG_2486

The Voice in Fashion and Textiles

The lecture today on ‘The voice of Fashion and Textiles’ was very interesting because it addressed political issues and how the constant change of fashion and textiles has developed throughout various eras which was influenced particularly throughout music. Fashion is now a way to express yourself rather than just a pretty piece of fabric which is used to cover yourself up, clothing increases sexual attractiveness which links with the theory of the Gaze. Fashion will always repeat every 20 years or so, although ever changing there are always elements from a previous era within contemporary clothing, I find that a lot of people who want to be ‘different’ will try and wear clothing from the 70s and fashion comes back around when the rest try and copy.

Important article:

“What we wear says so much about us before we even open our mouths to speak our views or believes, quiet often someone has already formed an opinion of us. For this reason fashion has often led cultural change. From the 1920s ‘flapper’ to 1990s ‘rapper’. Sub-cultural groups have often made a point of moving away from mainstream fashion and trying to dress differently- to identify themselves as different from the mainstream society, only for their style to be copied by followers, and then, ironically, by the mainstream fashion.”

Key words from lecture:

  • anarchical
  • conformist/non-conformist
  • egalitarian, equality
  • freedom
  • society acceptance
  • constructivism
  • gender
  • patriotic
  • sustainability
  • oppressive
  • expressive

Designers have began to push boundaries of technology using new and unusual prospects such as LED lighting, bullet proofing and sound moving materials, they are beginning to challenge fashion by using materials like these so that the audience are intrigued by this new type of clothing, not that it could ever be worn? Surely not.


However, other designers such as Stella McCartney focus on the sustainability of the materials that they’re using, for example McCartney uses bio plastic and other exclusive synthetic fabrics to replace leather. This to me has become an interesting subject to consider, as a lot of people don’t like wearing leather or real fur, a lot of designers forget about this because all they think about it luxury, and it is believed that you can’t achieve luxury with a fake fabric…Personally I would wear real leather but I am really careful about the fur that I wear, I usually check the tags as if it is made in China then there is usually cruelty to animals involved.

Q & A with Stella: